Why You Should Security Van Door Locks

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These three security van doors locks provide the highest level of security for cargo. They are made of electropolished inox stainless, AISI 420B and are anti-drill. The trapezoidal anchoring plate is attached to the loading compartment's second door that closes. Each lock comes with three keys. Activlock OE, Gatelock Van and UFO 3 door locks are available in a variety designs and features. Learn more about these locks to determine which one will best suit your requirements.

Activlock Secure

Activlock Secure van doors locks are the best option for protecting your business. Its dual locking system wards off theft by preventing burglars from opening the door. In addition to providing an additional security measure, the locking system also has a visually appealing lock dog, which can be employed to stop thieves. The security dog is permanently attached to the doors of your van, making it difficult for thieves to get it off.

The Activlock Range is a high-security lock that can be connected to the remote central lock of a vehicle's system. This innovative alternative to traditional key-based systems eliminates the need for mechanical keys or additional locking cylinders. This system is specifically suited for panel van operations which are increasingly popular with leaseholders. Due to its high degree of security, it does not require drilling or external cutting to the vehicle's bodywork.

The van door lock replaces the handle function that is standard. Drivers turn the key to lock or unlock the door. This means that nobody is able to open the door when the driver is inside the van. Activlock Secure van doors locks are especially useful for couriers transporting bulky items. If thieves try to steal your van's components it is impossible to retrieve the van. The Activlock Secure van door locks are available from a variety of sources including hardware dealers, and vehicle security specialists.

Gatelock Van

Gatelock Van security van door locks are constructed of high-quality materials and are certified by CNPP. These van door locks are simple to install and offer highest security. They can be fitted on either the rear or side doors and come in a variety of sizes in terms of dimensions, models and styles. The Gatelock G4MB1 Courier van door lock is easy to use and secure.

This locking system was created to safeguard the company vehicle, thekeylab tools, and load from theft. It is compatible with both sliding and conventional doors, and has a tempered steel body that resists drilling and sawing. Installation is quick and easy making it a great choice for busy professionals. You can select between dead and Slam versions, depending on the size of your van and its door. Gatelock Van security van doors locks are perfect for professionals.

Gatelock Van security van door locks can be put on cargo vans by using Gatelock's patent-pending Slick Locks Hasp Locking System. This system employs Blade Brackets that are custom-engineered to fit the door of the cargo of all manufacturers. The Blade Brackets join to form an opening havep for van security locks near me cylinder locks. The cylinder lock protects blades. These locks can be used in most cargo vans and are available in kits that are specifically designed to fit specific brands' cargo doors.


The UFO 3 security van doors locks will guard your vehicle from thieves. Due to its unique design and materials, it is difficult to open it. The lock is also resistant to drilling and pick and is CNPP and TUV certified. These features make the UFO 3 Door Lock the ideal choice for van owners. A lock with a 5-year warranty is the best choice to ensure maximum security.

The UFO3 van door lock is a top-mounted, ergonomically designed slamlock. It can be installed on rear doors that swing or side sliding doors. It is fully automated locking mechanism. It features an ultra-resistant steel body with an emergency release cable. The lock's single-key design permits it to lock the door of the van automatically, even when the driver or passenger are not present. Depending on the size of your van, you can choose from one, three or two door options.

The UFO Cloud Lock and Vehicle Security System was created with fleet managers in mind. It offers advanced Internet of Things security tools to fleet managers. With its secure encrypted communication protocol, as well as a cloud-based management dashboard that the UFO Cloud Lock and Vehicle Security System is among the most secure and reliable security solutions on the market. Fleet managers can now manage the locks from their office, at any time, from any location.

Activlock OE

OE security van door locks are an excellent choice for vehicle security. The Activelock OE range interfaces to the central lock system for the vehicle and locks the doors automatically when closed. The lock dog, which is permanently attached to the door, is also simple to use. This visual deterrent can assist in stopping theft. Activelock OE can also be operated remotely, making them excellent option for vans that don't have a staff in any way.

In recent years van locks have improved quite a bit. It's not too late to step up and beef up the security of your van. Thieves will find it much more difficult to steal your van's door Thekeylab locks. While theft is never pleasant, replacing the door lock could result in the loss of your tools or your cargo. The expense of replacing it can even make people lose their business. Therefore, van door locks are an excellent investment.

The lockdown policies in the United Kingdom have resulted in an increase in van burglaries. With the economy on a downward spiral, crime activity is increasing. Therefore, businesses must step up their security measures for vans to keep their vehicles safe from theft. Maple Fleet Services' Paul Nunn said that the demand for anti-theft products was already growing prior to the coronavirus epidemic. A physical security system for vans is more effective in preventing van thieves.

Series Bulldog VA

If you are looking for new van door locks, you should consider the Bulldog VA series. The Bulldog VA series is suitable for sliding side and rear doors. It features one lock that is easily seen. They are also suitable for sliding doors that are not on the side and add an additional layer of security by guarding against thieves who may be able to bypass locks fitted by the factory. There are numerous options for door locks from Bulldog to fit your needs and budget.

The Bulldog VA series security van door locks are compatible with all Ford Transit models. They can be linked to central locking and offer an excellent level of visual deterrence. They work with most vans as well as cars because of their 50mm wide locks faces. If you're looking to upgrade the locks on your van's door you might want to consider purchasing the Bulldog VA series security lock for your doors.

UFO 3 is a universal security lock that locks sliding doors.

The UFO 3 sliding door slam lock is attached to vans' sliding side doors unlike standard door locks. The lock's steel body is strong and withstands theft and prying eyes. It also includes an emergency unlocking system. There are three kinds of locks available: single, triple, and double. The locks come with a quick mounting tool to make it simple to install.

The UFO+ is an ergonomic security lock that can be fixed to the bodywork. It is not able to be removed like pad locks. The lock features a semi-spherical body, which makes it difficult to pick from the outside. Designed for sliding side doors, UFO+ van door locks can deter thieves from gaining access to the van's cargo.

The UFO 3 is a new, fixed universal security lock that is designed for sliding side doors of vans. Its locking key that is reversible makes it more difficult for thieves to break into the sliding side door. It is also ideal for vans with large doors on the side because the offset design makes it difficult for thekeylab thieves to get objects into the lock groove and the lock. To install the UFO, you'll require 7/8 inch carriage bolts.

UFO 3 is a Thatcham approved lock

The new and improved ergonomic UFO 3 van door lock is a fantastic option for security in commercial vehicles. The lock can be put in on both sides and rear sliding doors. It also allows for automated locking and unlocking. The steel body's super-strength construction includes an emergency release cable. The UFO 3 is available in one, two and three-door kits. The key is independent of the cylinder to lock the door, even if it is partially open.

This Thatcham approved security van lock comes with an independent emergency unlocking system. It is also covered by a five-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Installation is simple and quick and it can be used with all vehicles available today. If you're planning to purchase a van door lock be sure that it's certified by Thatcham. This will help you reduce the cost of insurance and discourage thieves who are opportunistic.


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